How much it costs?

If you want to know the approximate cost of the desired tattoo please send us as many details as you can:

  1. Mention where you want to have it made 
  2. The desired size (length and width in inches) 
  3. Send us pictures with examples

The price is set individually for each tattoo. The cost depends on:

  1. Its complexity
  2. The place where you want it to be applied
  3. The size of the tattoo
  4. The number of colors used
  5. The number of hours assigned (we can only approximate this part).

Services and prices
from $15
Includes everything from sketches, tattoos, removing or fixing an old tattoo.
from $20
Embellish any part of your body with an interesting and really shiny :) piercing.
from $20
Save your time by getting a permanent makeup (lips, eyes, eyebrows).

Price List

Name Description Price
Sketch Each tattoo should be unique and underline your personality. Together we will draw the sketch, to make everything just perfect. from $5 Book
Monochrome tattoo Tattoos created based on only one color. Usually this technique is used for tribal, lettering and blackwork. from $15/hour BOOK
Color tattoo Unlike monochrome tattoos in the color ones there are different nuances that can be taken into consideration in creating the final version of the tattoo. from $20/hour BOOK
Correction In time, any tattoo requires a correction. After a few years the colors start to fade away so we recommend refreshing them periodically. from $10/hour BOOK
Cover-up Are you bored with an older tattoo? No worry, we can always cover it or maybe give it a fresh look by adding new elements on it. from $25/hour BOOK
Fixing tattoos Tried another tattoo parlor and you are unhappy with the result? It’s no problem – just tell us how you actually want your tattoo to look like and we will fix it in no time. from $20/hour BOOK
Tattoo removal We have the latest technology for tattoo removal: no scars, no marks and, the most important part, no pain. from $35/hour BOOK